At South Tyneside College and South Shields Marine School, it’s our duty to protect you. Every student’s well-being and safety is our number one priority, and we’re committed to offering a space for you to feel safe, secure, valued and respected – because everyone has the right to protection from all forms of abuse, neglect or exploitation. Whether that’s looking after those who are vulnerable, needing a bit of help, creating a good work-life balance, or those worried about the financial side of studying – we make sure you’re supported in every way possible.

For all things safeguarding, wellbeing and counselling - please check out our Student Hub - which is the one stop shop for all your need. 



It’s our staff members’ responsibility to protect young people and vulnerable adults, and we aim to make sure all adults who may have unsupervised access to the above student groups are deemed fit to work with them. 

In light of recent legislation, we also know we have a responsibility to safeguard staff and will provide clear guidelines and systems regarding staff responsibilities towards the protection of young people and vulnerable adults.


As a first point of contact, please get in touch with a Safeguarding Officer by calling:*

Westoe Campus (South Shields) | 07522 545 479

Coast Road Campus (North Shields) | 07522 545 438

*If you are unable to contact a safeguarding officer, please contact staff below in the order they appear. 


1. Eve Oliver (Safeguarding & Wellbeing Officer) | eve.oliver@tynecoast.ac.uk | 07597 575 357

2. Eamonn Murphy (Safeguarding Lead) eamonn.murphy@tynecoast.ac.uk | 07762 223 818

3. Jackie Gates (Head of Student Services & Safeguarding) jackie.gates@tynecoast.ac.uk | 07522 548 285 

If you are concerned for yourself or someone else, you can also contact our sos email address: sos@tynecoast.ac.uk

If your concern doesn't require immediate attention, please speak to a wellbeing advisor in the student services hub located on campus or email wellbeing@tynecoast.ac.uk