Overview top

Uniformed Services: 

The objectives of this qualification are to provide learners with:  

  • an understanding of the uniformed public services sector 
  • the opportunity to investigate career opportunities in the uniformed services  
  • the opportunity to investigate volunteering roles and the transferable workplace skills volunteering can provide 
  • the ability to prepare for a recruitment interview  
  • an understanding of the personal commitment and fitness requirements needed to be employed in a uniformed service role  
  • the opportunity to understand and develop the skills and qualities needed to work in a range of uniformed services, eg team work, communication, self-discipline, time management, navigation and drill. 

UPS units could include: 

  • Unit 01 Investigate employment opportunities in the uniformed services  
  • Unit 02 Well-being and physical fitness for the uniformed services  
  • Unit 03 Team working skills in the uniformed services  
  • Unit 04 Developing self-discipline for the uniformed services  
  • Unit 05 Health and safety in the uniformed services 
  • Unit 06 Carry out map reading and navigation  
  • Unit 07 Participate in competitive sport   
  • Unit 08 Participate in an adventurous activity  
  • Unit 09 Explore volunteering and volunteering opportunities


The objectives of this qualification are to:  

  • gain an understanding of the sport, exercise and leisure vocational sector  
  • study areas of particular interest  
  • encourage learners to adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle. 


Sport units could include: 

  • Unit 01 Taking part in sport  
  • Unit 02 Sports coaching   
  • Unit 03 Leading others   
  • Unit 04 Personal exercise and fitness   
  • Unit 05 Effect of exercise on human body systems  
  • Unit 06 Strength and conditioning   
  • Unit 07 Health and nutrition  
  • Unit 08 Developing sports volunteering skills  
  • 09 Assist at a sports event  
  • Unit 10 Understanding the sport and active leisure sector  
  • Unit 11 Exploring employment in the outdoor industry  

Entry Requirements top

No formal entry requirements

Assessment top

Each learner is required to create a portfolio of evidence, which demonstrates achievement of all the learning outcomes. Learners are assessed both academically and practically.  

Professional Opportunities top

Level 2 Entry to the Uniformed Services or Level 2 Sports Coaching.