Overview top

The course is aimed at staff working in education who assess knowledge and/or skills in vocationally related subject areas using the following assessment methods: assessments in simulated environments/skills tests/oral and written questions/assignments/projects/case studies/RPL. 

To complete the course you must be in a role which includes the assessment of learner work e.g. assessor, teacher, lecturer, tutor. 

Unit 301 - General Guidance

This unit assesses a candidate assessor’s knowledge of the principles and practices of assessment in a learning and development context.

Unit 303 – General guidance

This unit assesses a candidate assessor’s competence in assessing a learner’s vocational skills, knowledge and understanding in contexts other than a work environment, for example in a simulated environment, in a workshop or classroom. Primary evidence for the learning outcomes and assessment criteria must come from the candidate assessor assessing two real learners on two occasions against standards/criteria that are approved by the organisation. These standards/criteria may include components of qualifications or in-house training requirements.

The unit covers seven assessment methods in total. The candidate assessor must show that they have covered a minimum of three of these assessment methods in their real practice.

Unit 302 – General guidance

As unit 303, exceptions are reflective of observations taking place with a work-based environment, this is normally for individuals who are delivering apprenticeship or NVQ based programme

Entry Requirements top

For practitioners who assess knowledge and/or skills in vocationally-related subject areas who use the following assessment methods: assessments in simulated environments, skills tests, oral and written questions, assignments, projects, case studies and RPL. This may take place in training workshops, classrooms or other learning environments.

Assessment top

Candidates complete two assignments, plus a minimum of one observation and professional discussion. Assessment tasks are designed to cover all the assessment criteria with the two units.

Professional Opportunities top

Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance