Safe handling of vessels in confined waters and harbours requires extremely high attention by ship’s bridge personnel. It is a known fact that more than 60 percent of the information available at any time for bridge personnel is gathered through their visual observation of what goes on outside the bridge. Simulation training needs to be highly realistic and adaptable to real life situations. The latest maritime simulation technology allows us to provide impressive 3D-graphics to depict true-to-life vessel models and exercise areas, ensuring quality simulation training in realistic environments, which is adaptable to real life ship handling situations.


Our simulator training has a strong focus on research & development, ensuring that the fidelity of the modelling is as accurate and close to realism as possible, to ensure validated results and provide positive learning experiences. The simulator ship-to-ship interaction is a high fidelity feature, beneficial for students requiring scenarios with true ship-to-ship interactions in multi-vessel exercises, such as tug operations, towing, barge fleets, RHIB launching, vessel interdiction, Replenishment At Sea (UNREP/RAS), convoy manoeuvres, and offshore operations. Wind/current shadows and varying levels of sea-state interaction are also accurately modelled in our systems. The hydrodynamic modelling tool workstation enables us to create our own high fidelity hydrodynamic models.

Detailed Ships and Objects

Our simulator provides a large selection of relevant target ships, platforms and other special objects. This allows creation of the perfect training situation for each user. Controlled from the Instructor Station, target ships are highly detailed and include features such as rotating antennas, navigation lights, day shapes, radar echo representing the size and aspect of the vessel, and appropriate fog signal frequency. Targets are capable of showing various day symbols and lighting configurations indicating their status, activity and type of operation including restricted ability to manoeuvre. There are over 50 special targets available, including airplanes, helicopters, floating ice, icebergs, life rafts, smoke and flares, and man overboard. Our database modelling workstation enables us to create our own highly detailed visual models.