Transparency Return 2019 

Applications, offers, acceptance and registration: 2018-19 entrants

Transparency return 2019 - Applications, offers, acceptances and registrations: 2018-19 entrants

Provider: Tyne Coast College

UKPRN: 10005999












Attainment: 2017-18 qualifiers 
Transparency Return 2019 


Provider: Tyne Coast College


Table 2a: Percentage of first degrees at grade 2:1 or above by characteristic for 2017-18 qualifiers 

Characteristics  Characteristic split  Percentage
Ethnicity BAME N/A
  White N/A
EIMD quintile 1 and 2 N/A
  3 to 5 N/A
Gender Female N/A
  Male N/A
  Other N/A

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