Equality and Diversity Policy

South Tyneside College values and recognises the social and cultural diversity in which it operates. We seek to promote equality and respect amongst staff and learners.

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Race Equality Policy

South Tyneside College is committed to making race equality an integral part of the College’s day-to-day work of policy-making, service delivery, employment practice and other functions. The Race Relations (Amendment Act) 2000 introduced requirements upon employers to positively promote equality; it is intended that this policy document will support South Tyneside College in achieving this objective.

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Gender Equality Policy

At South Tyneside College, we are committed to creating an environment where everyone can participate fully as learners, staff or visitors. We recognise that this means not just eliminating discrimination but also actively promoting equality. ​

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Access and participation statement for Higher Education courses

South Tyneside College is strategically committed to promoting its higher education programmes to students coming from all widening participation categories, and to achieve this aim it undertakes a range of activities directed towards raising aspirations, eliminating artificial barriers to entry and enhancing the learner experience. 

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