Vessel Traffic Services (VTS): Simulation Suites

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) programmes are our shore-side simulation systems which range from the provision of simple information messages to ships, such as position of other traffic or meterological hazard warnings, to extensive management of traffic within a port or waterway. Our Vessel Traffic Services Simulation suite is fully integrated into the desktop bridge system.

  • The four shore-based VTS Operator work stations in the system have data input from radar scanner locations within the exercise area.
  • The VTS Operator work stations use the same Norcontrol IT ‘CScope’ software which is used by actual VTS and Norcontrol VTMIS installations.
  • The system can fully interact with any combination of the simulation bridges plus any additional targets under the instructor’s control.
  • In the advanced VTS system, nine operators and up to two instructors can observe a birds-eye view of the VTS area of responsibility; There is also a dedicated VTS Supervisor workstation.
  • We use digital audio communications, capable of full recording and synchronisation within the exercise scenario for debrief purposes.

Our Facilities:

  • Eight Kongsberg secondary bridges.
  • Comprehensive VTMIS Simulator.
  • A navigation aids and radar practical room for operational training.
  • A ENEM room with live Furuno integrated bridge equipment and Sailor radio equipment.
  • A ten station Transas GMDSS Simulator.

Desktop and VTS Training

We are the leading provider of VTS training in the UK. We offer training of prospective VTS operators to a high level of competency, with training based on the IALA Model Course V 103 and training for candidates from a marine or a non-marine background.

If employees already hold an STCW Certificate of Competency of OOW or above will be exempt from Module 4 of IALA V-103/1 (Nautical Knowledge) and will be entitled to enrol on our VTS Induction/UPK and VTS Operator courses.

VTS Operator (Simulation)

This is the final stage of the VTS Operator Training (IALA Model Course V-103/1). Candidates are assessed on a full mission VTS Simulator to the criteria specified by IALA and MCA. Candidate VTS Operators are faced with a series of realistic interactive simulation exercises designed to test individuals in all aspects of providing safe and efficient Vessel Traffic Services. The exercises gradually increase in complexity and require the application of the theory studied in the VTS Induction/UPK course.

We also offer VTS Supervisor Advancement Training which meets the requirements of the MCA and the IALA Model Course V-103/2 and prepares participants in effective VTS supervision management. It is intended to cover the knowledge and practical competence required for gaining an endorsement in the VTS Certification Log as a VTS Supervisor.

Our VTS On-Job-Training (OJT) Instructor training covers the knowledge and practical competence required by an Instructor of On-the-Job Training for VTS Personnel. The programme meets the requirements of IALA Model Course V-103/4 and prepares participants in the theories and skills of on-job-training (OJT) with particular focus on coaching, communication and evaluation.