Wednesday, 25th March 2020

Students studying Uniformed Services at South Tyneside College have some new opportunities to learn about their field, thanks to Safeguard Clothing. Thanks to the brand’s donation of one of its innovative body armour carriers, students will be introduced to the protective technology that lightweight materials provide.
Chris Laios of Safeguard stated that the company has partnerships with over 50 colleges across the country, and South Tyneside College is now the latest to receive body armour equipment from the company. 

Chris Laios said “We believe that it is of vital importance that the students of South Tyneside College have access to industry level body armour which shall enhance their learning experience and provide unique insights in understanding how they work.
Back in the classroom, lecturers at South Tyneside College will give the students an introduction to how body armour systems work and the ways they counter different threats. 
This will give students a deeper understanding of the working mechanics of bullet proof vests. As a direct result - the learning experience will also be improved. The Safeguard Clothing vest will be used for role play and technical analysis to improve the quality of the Uniformed Service programme and educational practices at South Tyneside College.

Find out more about Safeguard Clothing here.