Tuesday, 22nd October 2019

Daring teenage television show host Danny Murphy created a tremendous splash when he took the plunge to film an episode of his latest challenge series at South Shields Marine School’s Marine and Offshore Safety Training Centre (MOST).

Danny, who has born deaf and uses British sign language to converse with his audience, underwent thrills and spills in front of the cameras for CITV’s new DareMaster show.

His task saw him complete adventure missions in the training pool at MOST, whose state-of-the art facilities which are used to train Merchant Navy mariners and workers in the offshore oil and gas and renewable power industries.

It saw him contend with simulated storm conditions created at the flick of a switch by the centre’s experts – and escape from a four-seater helicopter training module in a replication of an accident at sea.

The episode, one of 10 being broadcast for DareMaster – created by ITV SignPost studios in Gateshead - is being screened on Friday, October 25.

Danny was joined by a television crew that included producer Chris Luke, sign language interpreter Lynn Jordan and his dad, Charles, who is also deaf.

He was supported in his escapades by marine safety divers Peter ‘Dusty’ Horrabin and Will Hibbs, who will appear on screen with Danny in the role of instructor and daredevil foil.

Danny, who is from Wallsend, said: “I had a great time filming at the safety training centre, it’s facilities are fantastic and set the scene perfectly for this great challenge.

“The pool was a little bit daunting, so it was great to have Dusty and Will with me in the water at all times to ensure the dares were tough and challenging but also safe.

“Will especially played his part fantastically well, transforming from his usual role solely being a training and rescue diver to actually talking to me and acting on camera.

“It’s amazing to be able to do these adventures for television, and I admit this particular one made me a bit nervous, but it was also great fun.

“These challenges have great visual impact for a children’s television audience, and I’m sure viewers will be impressed by the filming we undertook at the marine centre.”

Danny’s other challenges filmed nationwide for the new series include him BMX riding, bungee jumping and tank driving.

Michael Speers, Head of School, MOST, said Danny had excelled at proving his bravery in undertaking the tough water-based challenges.

He added: “Our survival instructors were with him in the pool at all times, but it still required courage to get in the water and into the helicopter survival module.

“Danny rose to every challenge very well, and I think his young television followers will be highly impressed by the episode that was filmed here.

“This facility is one of the very best anywhere in the world for training people seeking safety qualifications to work in several maritime sectors and offshore environments.

“To do so, we deliver training that is extremely professional and of great value to enhancing careers – and this instance, we have proved how flexible this facility is to meeting many and varied requirements.

“Dusty and Will were fantastic on the day, and we are all looking forward to watching Danny bring his show to life on television when it is broadcast.”

Danny found his way to his TV audience via uploading his own comedy video onto social media, including his Danny's Skit Videos, which has over 40,000 followers on Facebook.

His television breakthrough came in the role of Agent Danny in Mission Employable, where he went behind the scenes in some of the jobs children most want to do.

MOST’s facilities include a 4m-deep environmental pool for survival training, full scale access ladder to replicate windfarm access arrangements, a variable wave pattern generator, and wind, rain, light and sound effects.

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Its team produce a range of quality content for deaf and mainstream audiences, combining industry-leading expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide multi-platform access provision.
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