Small Ship Navigation and Radar

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The 2nd Edition of the Workboat Code applies to small workboats that operate to sea, and to pilot boats of any size operating either at sea or in categorised (i.e. inland) waters. It applies to such vessels that are United Kingdom (UK) vessels wherever they may be, and to non-United Kingdom vessels in UK waters or operating from UK ports.

In section 2.11.1 (p215), it says:

In any vessel that carries radar, the Master and any member of the crew who is likely to use the radar is strongly recommended to undertake appropriate training e.g. the Small Ships Navigation and Radar Course, the MSQ unit ‘Use of Radar for Safe Navigation and Collision Avoidance on Domestic and Code Vessels’, or other course subsequently approved by the MCA. This strong recommendation becomes a requirement 3 years after the publication of this Code. Published December 2108.

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The Workboat Code applies to such vessels in commercial use, other than when in use for recreational, sport or pleasure use, for which there are more appropriate codes.

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The Workboat Code (The Safety of Small Workboats and Pilot Boats) is a Code of Practice applicable to small workboats operating in commercial use to sea and all pilot boats.


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