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This is a 5-day course for those working towards qualification as an Able Seafarer or Officer of the Watch (Deck).

The overall aim is to provide seafarers with the necessary knowledge, understanding and proficiency to carry out specific deck hand duties in accordance with MCA requirements and as per Table A-II/5 of the STCW Code. This includes the following topics:

  • Navigation at the support level (Helmsman & Lookout Duties)
  • Contribute to a safe navigational watch
  • Contribute to berthing, anchoring and other mooring operations
  • Contribute to the handling of cargo and stores
  • Contribute to the safe operation of deck equipment and machinery
  • Apply occupational health and safety precautions
  • Apply precautions and contribute to the prevention of pollution of the marine environment
  • Operate survival craft and rescue boats
  • Contribute to shipboard maintenance and repair

The course is delivered using a variety of methods covering both the practical and the theoretical aspects of being an efficient deck hand or an officer supervising deck operations.

Entry Requirements top

The following certification and experience will permit entry on to the EDH course and examination.

(a) An MCA-accepted Yachtmaster Offshore; or

(b) A Yacht Rating with at least 6 months’ seagoing service and a steering certificate; or

(c) An NWR Certificate; or

(d) A Boat Master Licence (BML) Tier 1 level 2 certificate; or

(e) A Tug Rating with at least 6 months’ seagoing service and a steering certificate or an NWR Certificate.

(f) A UK Class 1 and 2 Fishing Certificates f Competency (Deck or Engineering)

(g) A Seafish Fishing 16.5m Skippers Certificate (with evidence of at least 6 months seagoing service).

Note: before an EDH certificate can be issued, a minimum of 6 months’ seagoing service in vessels* of 15m or more is required. Seagoing service in category C and D waters** will be accepted at full rate.

* “Vessels” includes yachts, fishing vessels, tugs, workboats and Royal Navy vessels.

** See MSN 1837 Amendment 2 - categorisation of waters



Assessment top

Students  are continuously assessed during the EDH course. A final practical/oral exam will take place for all students on the last day of the course.



Professional Opportunities top

Merchant Navy personnel wishing to qualify as deck rating, also a prerequisite for a first Certificate of Competency (Deck) and is the qualifying examination for issue of AB's certificate.

Please note that any STCW training does not provide direct employment opportunities within the Merchant Navy sector. The training provided on this course is to supplement your existing skills and experience and hence enable you to meet the safety requirements. You are advised to review the range of employment opportunities available for a match with your current skill set.



Further Information top

Please note: If you are not an EU passport holder, you will require a Student Visitor Visa to attend any course at Tyne Coast College.

Could you please contact the Marine Booking office on tel: 0191 4273772 or email: MarineBooking@tynecoast.ac.uk to book your place and also arrange your Visa letter.

The College accepts no responsibility if you book your place online but have not obtained a Student Visitor Visa resulting in non-attendance. Refunds will not be given in this instance.

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