COVID-19 Notice: We have implemented measures over the past few months, in line with government guidance, to ensure we can manage the risks related to the virus from a residential perspective. 

We have been operational throughout the virus and these measures have proved successful, however, we are reliant on everyone’s vigilance and compliance.   

Things will be different for a period so we would ask for your understanding and patience when you come to stay with us, we will consistently review and adapt with the current situation with our priority always being the safety and wellbeing of our residents. 

As it stands, the most notable changes to the residential facility are the following.

  • Payments are to be done over the phone, we are asking that payments are made with a card, either prior to arriving our contacting the office during working hours Monday to Friday 9am – 3.30pm.
  • Face Coverings: It will be mandatory that you are required to wear face coverings/masks when not in your bed room, in corridors, common areas, travelling to and from college. You are expected to provide your own face coverings, following the government guidance on the correct use.
  • Social distancing: We are asking you to maintain social distancing where possible, but appreciate this is difficult in certain facilities around the campus, but you must do your upmost to maintain.
  • Wash your hands: – We all by now have the routine of consistently washing your hands, we would ask, in a residential setting, this is increased, hand sanitiser stations are in ever block and at the entrance also.
  • Cleaning:  Bedrooms will not be cleaned, common areas however, will be cleaned more frequently and intensely, you are responsible for the upkeep of your room, we expect you to provide your own cleaning materials, we can permit the use of a hoover.
  • Shared bathroom: and shower facilities remain in use and will be allocated. We will where possible allocate individuals floors together with classmates, so they are essentially remaining in their bubbles.
  • Travelling Home: We would ask for term 1 at least that you only travel home if essential.
  • Gatherings: We would ask that large gatherings in common areas and smoking areas are to be avoided.
  • Common Areas: For the near future, you are only permitted to utilise the common room on your designated floor.
  • Symptoms: If you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms prior to arrival or live with anyone that has symptoms DO NOT TRAVEL, stay at home defer your arrival date and self-isolate.
  • Catering Services: at the College will be limited; all items will be in a takeaway/disposable format from all outlets initially. The costcutter store will not re-open.
  • Survey: The Halls team will carry out a survey and a phone call prior to arrival, this will be to manage expectations and ensure no one arrives with symptoms.
  • Access: The main gate to the Halls will be closed at 11pm each night; this is to control access beyond this time.
  • Visitors: are not permitted until the end of October when this will be reviewed; this expands the network of contact and is avoidable.
  • Parental assistance: when moving is permitted up to the entrance of the block and 1 parent per student, this is to limit the traffic with in the campus.
  • The Halls risk assessment related to COVID-19 is available on request.
  • self-isolation suite: We have a designated self-isolation suite, to use for residents that a symptomatic during their stay and they will be supported from a welfare perspective throughout any period of isolation.
  • Returning home: All residents are required to have the means and resource to return home, if government lockdown restrictions are re-introduced. 
  • The 1861 gym will have restricted access and will only be accessible between the hours of 07.00-15.00 Monday to Friday.