Thursday, 12th September 2019

Year of study: 1st Year

Course: Deck Officer

Job Title: Cadet

Company (if applicable):  Pritchard-Gordon Tankers


1. What ships have you sailed on?

Currently, I have only sailed on sailing boats, catamarans and ferries. However, I will soon be sailing on tankers.


2. This year’s theme is empowering women, what does this topic mean to you?                                                  

World Maritime Day reminisces on all the brave people that sacrificed their lives for their country, whether it was fighting in wars or providing everyday goods to keep their country alive during hard times. However, this years’ theme is very meaningful to me as I’m one of the few girls studying at the marine college. The Marine Industry only used to be seen as a ‘man’s role’ and still is male-dominated but as times have changed more women are deciding to choose this career. You still get men in this industry with their traditional sexist views of ‘this isn’t a woman’s job’ but with theme’s like ‘empowering women’ it shows them that their views are still in the last century.

3. What inspired you to pursue a career at sea?                                                                                                        

Funnily enough social media! I saw a few people who were studying marine engineering and they were on their sea phases posting photos whilst being away. I immediately loved the idea of being able to work and travel and just went for it! All of my family were so supportive of the idea and are so proud of me for making this career choice.

4. How would you describe working at sea? Although I haven’t been to sea yet, from my other peers I would describe it as hard work yet rewarding. Every day you learn something new and also teach yourself how to adapt to new situations. Although you’re learning how to take on the role as a deck officer, your teaching yourself new skills every day.

5. How did you find yourself in a career at sea? I was inspired by my passion for travel and visiting new places so thought this is a rewarding way you can achieve this.

6. What made you decide on South Shields Marine School?

I’ve always heard good things about Shields Marine school as being ‘one of the best’ and its right on my doorstep. I couldn’t not go! Also when I had my first interview, the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming which totally contributed towards my decision.

7. What enticed you to apply for a pre-cadetship/cadetship?

I applied for the cadetship following my continued interest having complete the pre-cadetship.

8. Who sponsored you?

I am sponsored by Pritchard-Gordan Tankers. They’re a great company to work for.

9. In your current role, what are your main responsibilities?

I am still learning and I expect to experience my first sea phase early next year. During this time, I anticipate health and safety checks to be one of my first roles and responsibilities.

10. What skills and knowledge have you learnt/applied from studying at the marine school?

Out of everything I think my confidence has grown the most! Meeting new people and having to stand up doing presentations in front of classes really helped. I have gained so much knowledge during all my subjects as everything I’ve learned has been new to me.

11. What would you say to others who are considering a career at sea?

I would say go for it! It’s a career choice that never crossed my mind in the past and before looking into it I didn’t even understand the roles of a deck officer. Now I know, it’s so important and crucial that we have new people starting this career every day.

12. Any advice for future cadets? 

I cannot advise on going to sea yet as I have not experienced this but as far as the course goes, I have learned a lot and enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone with an interest.

13. Will you be undertaking any more training with South Shields Marine School?

I will always work on progressing whether it be the next rank as an Officer or on a different vessel so I may come back to my chief’s ticket for example.


14. What would you say to someone who is not sure whether to embark on a career at sea?

I’d say read up on it, speak to people in that career by getting some first-hand advice which may make your lean further towards it or even further away but it’ll definitely help.


15. As the maritime industry can be male-dominated, what would you say to women, who are considering a career at sea?

I’d say do it. There’s no reason women can’t take on this role and it’s great to see more women represented in this career.