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What We Are Doing

The students, staff and Governors of South Tyneside College take our social responsibilities very seriously and see this as an essential part of our business. As a medium sized mixed economy college and an employer, we have a major role to play in the social and economic welfare of the borough of South Tyneside and the wider region, our international community and an ethical responsibility to our planet by taking a positive action.

As part of the College experience, students are encouraged to consider their own social responsibility through the tutorial programme which covers the five themes of Every Child Matters (being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and economic well-being). Social responsibility also underpins many of the activities supported by the many equality and diversity initiatives both within the College and within the wider community.

The College is wholly committed to working positively to expand, develop and evaluate our sustainability programme which is developed by our cross college sustainability task group. The Group makes sure that it contributes to the efficiency of the College, as well as being worthwhile. We believe in educating staff as well as students about sustainable issues to help encourage a behavioural change and enable individuals to make an informed choice. 

Policies and Procedures


Pupil Premium Statement 


Procedure for Appointment of External Board Members.pdf

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Terms of reference of committees 2016-17.pdf

152.17 KB

Public Value Statement.pdf

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Standing Orders and Code 2016-17.pdf

339.34 KB

Acceptable use of ICT v6 March 2017


Admissions Policy v7 Feb 2015   

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Assessment Malpractice and Maladministration Policy Dec 15

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Assessment Policy- FE v5 April 2017 

164 KB

Assessment Policy - HE V6     

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Attendance Polucy 14-16

160 KB

Bursary Policy 2016-17   

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Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy  

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Complaints Policy v6 June 2015 

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Control of ICT Software and Hardware Oct 2014  

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Corporate Socail Responsibility Policy    

135.5 KB

Counselling Policy Jan 2015     

178 KB

Data Protection Policy v 8 Dec 2014   

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DBS Policy and Procedure

122.85 KB

Disability Equality Policy v5 March 2016 

91.26 KB

E-Safety Policy v5 March 2017   

186 KB

Equality and Diversity Policy v5 March 2015   

77.62 KB

Exclusion Policy 14-16

171 KB

External Speakers Policy 15-16

681 KB

Fee Remission Policy 2016-17 

172.37 KB

Fraud and Bribery Policy v1 Oct 2014    

126 KB

Freedom of Information Policy v6

115.5 KB

Gender Equality Policy v8 March 2016

200.5 KB

Health and Safety Policy     

294.89 KB

Information Security Policy v4 Dec 2014    

201 KB

Internal Assessment Appeals Policy v8

119 KB

Internal Vertification for NVQ Policy v5 Sept 2015  

    118 KB

Internal Vertification Policy v4 March 2014

 99.5 KB

IPR Policy April 2014

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Late Submission of Coursework Policy v8 September 2019

 55 KB

Learner Involvement Policy v5 April 2017

97.5 KB

Learning Support Policy   

70.54 KB

Maths and English Policy

179 KB

Plagiarism Policy v6 September 2018 

115.5 KB

Public Access to Board Meetings and Publication of Minutes  

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Public Interest Disclosure Procedure v5 March 2015

97 KB

Prayer Room Policy

119 KB

Quality Policy Dec 2014 

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Race Equality Policy v6 (amended Jan 2015)

 124.5 KB

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy v5 April 2017

185.87 KB

Recruitment  and Selection Policy and Procedure

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Relocation Expenses Policy

132.5 KB

Safeguarding Policy v2 March 2015

132.5 KB

Security Policy v3 March 2013

252.5 KB

Severe Weather and Disruptions Policy Oct 2014 

59.93 KB

Social Media Policy v1 Jan 2015 

192 KB

Standards Moderation Policy v4 Sept 2015 

110 KB

Student Anti-Bullying Policy June 2014

198 KB

Student Attendance Policy v5 April 2015 

107 KB

Student Behaviour Policy v10 Feb 2015

114 KB

Subcontracting Supply Policy 2017   

82.96 KB

Supply-Chain Fees and Charges 15-16

 25 KB

Transgender Protocol June 2009 (updated May 2012)  

157 KB

Tutorial Support Policy 2016  

104 KB

UKVI Policy v3 September 2018   

55.5 KB

Work Placement Policy v5  

519.05 KB

Assessment Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

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Instrument and Articles of Government

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Grievance Policy

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