Overview top

This is the final stage of the VTS Operator Training (IALA Model Course V-103/1). Candidate VTS Operators with acceptable marine qualifications are assessed on a full mission VTS Simulator to the criteria specified by the MCA.

Satisfactory completion of this course following the VTS Induction / UPK course is required for the issue of a VTS Operator Certificate. Candidate VTS Operators are faced with a series of realistic interactive simulation exercises designed to test individuals in all aspects of providing safe and efficient Vessel Traffic Services. The exercises gradually increase in complexity and require application of all the underpinning knowledge studied in the VTS Induction / Underpinning Knowledge course This is a 35-hour course and the simulation exercises are run in real time.

Candidates are expected to deal with real world vessel traffic management situations under normal and emergency situations in simulated environments.

Entry Requirements top

Candidates are expected to have successfully completed the formal assessment for the underpinning knowledge in accordance with IALA Model Course V-103/1.

Assessment top

This course is continuously assessed to the criteria set by the MCA. Candidates receive constructive feedback during debriefs after each exercise.

Professional Opportunities top

Progression onto the VTS Supervisor Advancement Training (IALA Course V-103/2 or VTS On-the-Job Instructor Training (IALA Model Course V-103/4).

Dates & Fees

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